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Review: Gin and Rum Festival [Gifted Ticket - Drinks paid for myself]

Gin hasn't always been my favourite beverage. I'm not sure why I never used to like it, but I think it was probably because I had always enjoyed sweet drinks. I am a bit of a Cosmopolitan cocktail connoisseur and I won't say no to a good French martini, but gin was never really at the top of my list unless it was in a Collins. However, times change and so do taste buds apparently and now it's one of my favourite things to drink.

I'm not convinced your tastebuds change every 7 years, which is a rumour that does the rounds, but there is scientific evidence that you are more sensitive to bitter flavours when you are younger. This speaks to the scientist in me so I feel inclined to believe that the older you get the better a gin tastes. This would explain why I wasn't a big fan until I hit my mid-twenties (it also explains the love of Aperol which I developed at about the same time) and makes me excited that it might taste even better as time goes on. However, I…

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