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Recipe: Fritatta Muffins

Whenever I work from home I like to make a good hot lunch that I can enjoy straight from the oven. We have microwaves at work, but to be honest I don't own one personally as I'm not keen on what they do to food when it is reheated (the texture goes odd, don't you think?).

Anyway, so today I made these delicious frittata muffins which are as great cold as they are hot. I often make these in the summer for lunch with a bit of salad. I eat soup all winter as I LOVE a hot lunch but after 5 months of that I get bored and look for new ideas. You can grab these and go, which is great. I've even made them and eaten them in the car on long journeys in the past.

They're quick, easy and pretty healthy too (if you fill them with goodies of course). Today I added left over kidney beans, parboiled and cubed potato and mushrooms with cheese. They were vegetarian, but you could add anything you wanted! Think leeks, peas, fried bacon, peppers, butterbeans, onion - just name it! It…

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