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I recently attended a cupcake decorating class at The Tasting House in Reading, hosted by the lovely Natalie of Hellocuppies and Cuppies 'n' Cream, and Laura of Benchrest. A few of you will have seen pictures of the cupcakes and some of the night on my instragram already, and to be honest, I've wondered about writing a blog post since. The event ticket was not gifted and so this is not an advert. Simply put, it was such a great event that I want to tell you all about it, and I hope that they will do another at some point in the future. 

I arrived at 7pm at The Tasting House and was shown upstairs where Natalie was waiting with many a cupcake on display, which was a bit of a preview of what we would be learning to do. They looked spectacular and I was very excited to see how the night would go. There were 11 of us in the class, which felt like a nice size. Some of the other people there were hobby bakers, who make and decorate cakes for friends and family, and had been to some of Natalie's cupcake making classes at The Cake College before. Surely this is testament to how good the classes are and how much they think of Natalie!

We sat at a big round table and were served jugs of orange juice, water and of course, the fizz! Happy days! We started by decorating cupcakes that Natalie had made, beginning with a 'simple' rose design. Natalie explained which nozzles you needed and demonstrated how to make a rose with it. It seemed simple and she made it look a so easy! It takes practice but I was lucky enough to do it pretty well first time. We then progressed to higher climbing swirls and even tulips, using the Russian nozzle. This was a lot harder and took some patience, but Natalie had the patience of a saint! She let us practice into the buttercream bowl and carefully removed tulips that hadn't worked off people's cupcakes with an angled spatula, and let them have another go. 

Throughout, Natalie told us to help ourselves and try some of the cupcakes that she had done herself! Winner! We decorated 4 cupcakes and got to take these home too. I thought £25 was great value for a glass of fizz, a class and 4 cupcakes + a couple eaten, but it didn't end there. After we had finished decorating, Laura brought up a selection of beautiful canapes for us to try. All were vegetarian (bar the salmon blinis) and she had catered for those with gluten intolerance and other dietary preferences too.There was halloumi on grilled polenta, slamon blinis, mushroom blinis with spanish pimento, beautiful bread and homemade hummus, olives, and carrot quiches (which might have been my favourite and thing I was surprised I found to be so tasty). 

Laura caters at The Tasting House every lunch time and weekend and has such a great reputation, I can see why! Every mouthful was amazing. I haven't yet been to her for lunch but it's certainly shot up to the top of my list of places to go for lunch or brunch. 
I got to chat to Laura at the end, and I said I found it to be fantastic value and would have been happy to pay more, but she is concerned that this needs to be an inclusive social event that people can afford and I think that is truly fantastic. The south of England is so expensive that it's nice to see someone with this attitude - refreshing even that lining pockets is not the priority here. 

There is a future for the " 'n' Fizz" events - in fact there is a sold out event coming up which is screen printing and fizz. Laura is even looking for more inspiration for social involved things to do alongside fizz and canapes so I am thinking about ideas to share with her! But do you have anything you would like to do?

Overall, what a great event. I'll 100% be at another food focused one and maybe even a crafty one in the future. I got to meet so many lovely like-minded people too, which is important for me as a newbie to Reading with very few friends down south and I had nervously gone alone! If you are debating attending any one of these then just go, you won't regret it! :)

There are big things to come for Benchrest and Hellocuppies so keep your eyes peeled ;)

Laura x


  1. well this just sounds like the best event ever!! those cupcakes look amazing!

  2. This sounds like fantastic event. Those cupcakes look delicious xx

    1. I'm hoping I'll be able to put my new skills into action and decorate some for the family now!

  3. Oh my lord this is my kind of event 😍 I’m so jealous!!

    1. Keep your eyes peeled for any in the future Gemma! If I spot it I'll post it on my insta and twitter :)

  4. Omg they look so yummy! I want them all


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